Astral Taurus – Monolith EP

Review | A musical journey through time and space. A daydream of soundscapes and melodies for which someone wants to fall without hesitating. Not from this world yet terrestrial, the debut-EP of ASTRAL TAURUS promises much while staying modest. Hidden behind the silhouette of catchy pop- and wave-songs, the multi-instrumentalist Andre Kretschmar holds the creative reins and impresses with great concept behind brilliant songs.

Monolith is great in diversity

In Mirage, joyful melodies and uplifting drum rhythms meet the imagery of mistrust and loss in the lyrics. In this way, the song appears constructive and comfort-giving on the one, but oppressively melancholic on the other hand. As the song takes its course, the walls of disappointment slowly seem to burst open and at the end it shines through, the dawn of hope.

The single Supercluster already convinces with the first sound of the characteristic wave-synthesizer-line, which draws itself through the song like a comet. Spinning around the core of the single, the catchy chorus takes you on a trip to distant galaxies on the outskirts of imagination. Escapism and wanderlust carry the song, leading an individual to remove itself and its lover from their current situation to explore new worlds in the unknown.

Oppression and disappointment however lay the foundation of Tyrant, followed by the craving to be liberated and stricken from the will to break away from one’s tyrant to be free forever. The Song awaits the listener with an expressive chorus and convincing verses, which empty into a climatic bridge to finally dissolve into the chorus.

Perfectly for farewell, the EP closes with the well-structured synthie-pop piece Chosen One, which seems to scream out the lack of comprehension for death and the loss of loved ones. The mind-blowing solo of Kretschmar forms the climax of the song and leads to its resolution starting from the bridge. One thing is clear when the stardust has settled: The craving for more ASTRAL TAURUS will remain.