CHVRCHES – Love Is Dead

Album Review | The world is not always wonderful and with all that goes on in society, one could say that: love is dead?! At least that’s a question raised by Glasgow-trio CHVRCHES in their newest album “Love Is Dead”, which was released on Friday 25th and produced by Greg Kurstin (Adele, Sia).

The frustration and melancholy of the lyrics seem to argue with the bright and catchy melodies about the answer of this central question, looking at it from various angles. However, many words of lead-singer Lauren Mayberry are being repeated so haunting that the listener actually gets the message right from the first chorus of Get Out, Forever or Miracle. Also the single My Enemy with The National’s Matt Berninger comes across comparatively dragging and gloomy, providing no real alternation whatsoever.

Overall, it can be said that the characteristic indie-sound, which was established in their strong debut album The Bones of What You Believe (2013), has made way to mainstream pop music, aiming to address and spark the biggest audience possible. Since this development has been announced beforehand with the successor Every Open Eye (2015), it is no surprise that the new album’s style continues to go in this direction.

Thematically, Love is Dead dedicates to the issues of adolescence, nostalgia and ignorance. The Band aims to express how some people constantly have blinkers on while not taking responsibility for things that happened (Graves). Rather than dealing with a general theme, many topics are addressed by the band, leaving a large margin for interpretation.

Although it is definitely not their best work in my opinion, I still appreciate the honesty of the band and the thought-provoking themes. After all, it is hard for an artist like CHVRCHES to not incorporate political and socio-critical topics in their songs these days. And in the end there’s still the question whether we pronounce love dead or whether we rise to do something against it actively.